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All sorts of things for your garden...

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watching over your garden

Eagles are majestic creatures with wingspans of up to 2 meters! Have this magnificent creature perch itself on a ledge in your very own garden! Why not try some of our other animals such as the happy-go-lucky pig.

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Style your home

Have a look at some of our beautiful decorative columns that will put style into any home. Jazz up any table top with our selection of table legs!

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Let your ornaments stand out

Are your garden ornaments hiding away from you? Choose from our selection of bases to let your ornaments stand out and just give that extra something to make your ornaments special!

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Enjoy the view

Imagine a light breeze on a wonderful cool day... Where are you? You're sitting on one of our beautiful benches enjoying spring, a loved one's company and a cup of tea.

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Lion Maxima

Adventure on your doorstep

Bring a sense of adventure and discovery to your garden with our Lion Maxima. Let the wild come to you!

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